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Director:  Doug Burch

Screenwriter:  Doug Burch

Genre:  Drama


When Michael is called to Los Angeles to do a "job",  he assumes it's just going to be business as usual.  But from the very beginning nothing goes right for him,  no matter how much his best buddy Jerry tries to gloss it over.  


As the situation around him spins out of control, he tries desperately to stay calm - stay focused and complete his assignment,  but deep down the longing,  the loss,  and the pain, start to surface.  As the long supressed demon, rears its ugly head,  he can't deny is own needs and loss of hope.  


THE LOST ONE deals with the aching pain one can carry for years and the thick skin it takes to not feel, while seeing all the lost souls around you, desperate to grab hold of love in any way they can.


Shot in the City of Angels, with a rawness and edge of a classic noir film, 

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Director: Doug Burch

Screenwriter:  Gary Phillips

Genre:  Drama



DANNY SHAW is an Afghan war vet.   He saw plenty of weird shit over there and did some of it, too.            


He survived three tours of duty -- at least physically.  


Back stateside, Danny’s drifted along, directionless.   Currently he’s a driver-bodyguard for the ladies of LOLLIPOP DELUXE, an “escort” service .   Every night, Danny drives the ladies down the dark streets of the city, never knowing how the next “party” will turn out. 


He’s hasn’t given up hope.  He’s still looking for some meaning in his life, as he desperately tries to cope with his demons and his past.  A past that some people won’t let him forget.  This isn’t the life Danny envisioned for himself, but it’ll do for now.


MIDNIGHT MOVER is unique in that it combines live action and graphic novel artwork to create a mesmerizing film noir look at the sometimes terrifying, sometimes hysterical, dark underbelly of life.  

Director:  Doug Burch

Screenwriters:  Sam Ingraffia & Doug Burch

Genre:  Drama/Thriller


WAGES OF SIN is a character-driven Thriller.

Buddy, a small-town drifter, conceives a plan to kidnap Kathrine, the daughter of the richest man in town.  He convinces his naive girlfriend Celee to be his accomplice. What looks to be a simple plan goes completely awry. when Kathrine's father refuses to pay the ransom.  Tensions rise as Buddy becomes more desperate to get the money, while Celee becomes more protective of Kathrine.

Set in rural America, in 1964, the film incorporates the dark humor of the COEN brothers’  Fargo, with the quiet, lyrical intensity of Terrence Malick’s Badlands.


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Screenwriter:  Sam Ingraffia and Doug Bjurch

Genre:  Thriller​/ Sci-fi


NIGHT WALKERS -- An Internet series.  Six stand-alone episodes, each helmed by different directors.  ”Twilight Zone” meets Raymond Chandler.  


CLICK on the Night Walkers icon to view all four episodes on the little dog channel.


Director: Sam Ingraffia

Screenwriter:  Doug  Burch

Genre:  Drama


SOLACE -- An award-winning short film that asks,  “How far will two people go to find love?”  Directed by Sam Ingraffia.  Written by Doug Burch.

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